We are volunteers with a highly diverse skillset whether that be a clinician, a NHS manager, a university academic, or anything in between.

Tomorrow belongs to those who hear it coming. Fab Ambassadors see tomorrow coming.

We lead for the future.

We are trailblazers.

We brim with enthusiasm, positivity, knowledge and hope.

We see everything, we share everything. We are beacons of best practice.

If you have a problem, we have ideas and proven solutions.

We can connect you with others locally.

We can connect you with others nationally.

We can work with you as individuals, with your teams, with your wards and departments, with your entire NHS Trusts to share best practice and innovation.

We are here for you every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We love our NHS.

We are Fab Ambassadors.

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North East

Jane Douthwaite

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North East

Andy Jones

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South West

Andrea Gibbons

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South West

Cheryl Davies

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North East

Sharon Kidd

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South East

Angie McClarren

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North East

Garry Schulz

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South West

Gina Sargeant

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North West

Sebastian Yeun

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North East

Jennie Negus

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North East

Judith Graham

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North East


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North West

Paula Rylatt

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North West

Danielle Gillett

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South West

David Trigger

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North East

Donna Phillips

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North West

Leeanne Lockley

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North East

Ann-Marie Riley

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North West

Linda Matthew

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