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Save the date in your diary - 4th May 12.00-13.00 a not to be missed webinar discussion.

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The Academy has grown, changed, matured and is now closer to a social movement than it is, just an organisation.

There have been one and a half million visits to the website and over seven million pages of fabulous ideas have been viewed and ideas 'pinched with pride!’ 

Academy Ambassadors, working right across the NHS keep us in-touch with the real and challenging world of healthcare, from the front line.

The Academy now belongs to the people who own it, the share holders.  Not in the sense of stocks and shares but in the sense of the stock-in-trade of the Academy, the shares of ideas that people give, freely.  Solutions to problems.  Things that have worked for them and might work for someone else.

The next step in our journey to excellence is to give more people the opportunity to be part of our mission; show people what good looks like and they’ll get on and do it better.

Reflections on the last 8 years
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