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13-17th November 2017

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27 November 2017|0 Comments

Never Events - if it wasn’t so absolutely tragic it could be the stuff of black and white movies. Macabre slapstick. But it isn’t. It is incomprehensible. How on earth, in this day and age, [...]

FabAwards2017 – the award winning shares

27 November 2017|0 Comments

The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2016/11/03/memory-boxes-improving-engagement-staff-patients-dementia/             The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2017/04/04/introduction-blue-zimmer-frames-patients-dementia/             The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2017/08/28/making-referrals-easier-fab/               The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2016/11/16/tacking-obesity-brent-giving-every-child-best-start-life/     [...]

Simon Stevens, CEO, NHS England – Speech to NHS Providers, Birmingham, November 8th – in full

08 November 2017|0 Comments

Simon Stevens, CEO, NHS England - Speech to NHS Providers, Birmingham, November 8th - in full THE NHS APPROACHING 70 - PROGRESS AND PROSPECTS We meet today with the NHS in full mobilisation for the [...]

#FabChangeWeek On-Tour

06 November 2017|0 Comments

All of us, at the Academy, are looking forward to the Change Week Tour. Starting as a spontaneous idea from the ‘Hubbies’, mainly students from the NHS Leadership Programme, Change Day has grown into Change [...]

Latest fab stuff

Scotter Ward Lincolnshire Community Health Services

12 December 2017|0 Comments

Paula is one of our senior Health Care Support Workers. One of her specialist areas of interest is in falls prevention. She used to be part of our ward falls team a number of years [...]

NHS ENGLAND London Region

12 December 2017|0 Comments

Our colleagues at Skipton House are non-clinical but decided they would like to profile some of their Distruptive Agile Fabulous Transformation DAFT) projects which is making a brilliant difference to Londoners and London.   We [...]

Twiddle Bags – for patients with dementia who just need a bag!

12 December 2017|0 Comments

I  love making twiddle muffs but got carried away one day and the twiddle bag was conceived.   It is aimed at people living with dementia who might be searching for their bag or who [...]

Buurtzorg in the UK – Brendan Martin and Public World making it a reality

11 December 2017|0 Comments

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Buurtzorg – making the system work – the UK experience so far – Jos de Blok

11 December 2017|0 Comments

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A dementia Christmas gift from Ignar Rip

11 December 2017|0 Comments

Little Things Are The Big Things !!! This week, Ignar has given us all simple ideas that enable us to engage people living with dementia in the Christmas festivities. His film and this simple [...]

Improving communication at handover and transfer reduces retained swabs

10 December 2017|0 Comments

In response to a post about "Never Events" and how can we improve - a large maternity hospital in England has done just that. Two years incident free from never events in maternity services and [...]

Guidance on parental consent in issues of CYP and deprivation of liberty

10 December 2017|0 Comments

A new decision from the Court of Appeal confirms that parental consent is, again, valid to authorize a deprivation of liberty of a child or young person   http://www.health-and-care-update.co.uk/2017/11/dols-children-and-young-people-court-of-appeal-.html   http://www.mills-reeve.com/

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

10 December 2017|0 Comments

My pledge was to shadow a junior doctor to better understand the challenges they face. It was important to me that this was a full and typical shift. I shadowed a fantastic junior doctor during [...]

The unmissable Alywn Williams in conversation with Roy Lilley #Healthchat

08 December 2017|0 Comments

If you didn’t get to view the Healthchat live then this is definitely one not to miss. You can watch the whole conversation here If that wasn't enough, you also get to read a summary blog [...]

Lancashire/S Cumbria

07 December 2017|0 Comments

Spend more time with crews and patients -less time in the office. Great decision today to make journey to North West Air Ambulance M&M Meeting instead of office work. Being part of clinical discussions rejuvenating [...]

End of life care message card – the little things are the big things

07 December 2017|0 Comments

I am sharing this simple but fabulous idea that one of our at SaTH EOLC Champions came up with during the fab change week champion afternoon tea. Roy and Terri from the Acadamy of Fabulbous [...]

UHMBT reaches flu vaccination target for frontline staff

05 December 2017|0 Comments

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) has reached its target of vaccinating 75% of its frontline staff against flu - but is now aiming even higher! As with other trusts across the [...]

15 Minute Stroke Topic Training for Nurses and HCAs on the Acute Stroke Unit at the RUH, Bath

05 December 2017|0 Comments

Following recognition that the nurses and HCAs on the ASU find it very difficult to attend longer training sessions, an idea was developed to provide short bursts of training specifically aimed at them and provided [...]

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital

04 December 2017|0 Comments

You may remember I had so many pledges I shared them on the academy of fab stuff as a share, a whole week full of pledges all complete during fab change week including ; thanking [...]

Advice and Guidance reducing GP outpatient referrals

04 December 2017|0 Comments

The Advice and Guidance (A&G) service allows GPs to seek advice from secondary care consultants and enables the management of patients in primary care. This service was implemented in Guildford and Waverley CCG with the [...]

The Blonde discovers a new publication – Specialised Commissioning

04 December 2017|0 Comments

Specialised Commissioning is a new quarterly journal which aims to showcase innovation and best practice, highlight issues and provide updates and guidance and policies related to specialised Healthcare. i got the opportunity to read [...]


03 December 2017|0 Comments

More than 80 members of staff from University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT), Bay Health and Care Partners and guests celebrated fantastic staff-led changes at their Brilliant Bay Day on Tuesday 14 [...]

Physiotherapy Student Weekends @PTOTSLTdept

30 November 2017|0 Comments

In light of the National movement towards 7 day working, the Royal United Hospitals Critical Care (CCS) and Surgical Physiotherapy team felt it would be ideal to trial Physiotherapy students working at weekends to explore [...]

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

30 November 2017|0 Comments

I pledged to collect advent calendars for adult inpatients, to make them smile while on the wards, and to give them something to enjoy when they go home. I placed a call for action in [...]

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