ReconditionTheNation Fab Stuff Campaign

The #ReconditionTheNation campaign aims to raise the profile of deconditioning and create a social movement that inspires individuals and teams across the country to develop initiatives that reduce functional and cognitive decline associated with deconditioning

The programme encourages all sectors in the health and social care settings to design innovative and fun ways to promote physical activity, and functional and emotional well-being. It was hoped that this will contribute to preventing deconditioning and associated harms; improve hospital discharges and improve patient outcomes. Participation is not limited to a specific type or size of team or organisation.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of deconditioning, to share best practice and to promote the testing and embedding of small-scale changes to reduce functional loss for people in hospital, care homes, social care, community and mental health services.

The campaign has two key aims. Firstly, by taking small steps to reduce the harms of deconditioning, we can improve peoples’ independence, and help people get home from hospital sooner.

Secondly, through enabling health and care staff to improve patient outcomes we can reduce moral injury and support their well-being.

With your help, we can make a difference to even more people. 

You can join the national campaign to #ReconditionTheNation by developing your own innovative and fun ideas to help people in your care stay active.

Are there activities you could try that might be enjoyable to do together? How about trying balloon badminton, or seeing how many miles your team can clock up with a static bike pedal?  Would you and the person you care for enjoy a weekly aerobics class, or how about joining an inclusive choir? Or could your team do a virtual walk to the moon?

We have lots of resources available,  so come and take a look.

Join over 500 others in the #ReconditionTheNation National Network.  

Sign up here HERE

And most importantly, share your good stuff here on the Academy of Fabulous Stuff!!!  

We’re starting a national and international movement, and with your help, we’ll make harm as a result of deconditioning a thing of the past    

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