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  • The COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ had a major impact on how children in care, kinship; care or adoption could keep in touch with their birth families. Government guidance set out the expectation that family contact plans for children in care should continue, but that contact, or ‘family time’ would need to take place virtually. A rapid research project was carried out in order to find out what means children social care agencies were putting in place to support children to keep in touch with their birth families, and how this was working—especially for children and you can read it HERE 

Why have an asthma clinic when you can have an asthma party?

Which inhaler does the Big Bad Wolf need to blow down the house of sticks?

Can children help Darth Vader to learn about his asthma?

How does Captain Fearless , aged 9, battle Wheeze Monsters with just her inhalers, spacer, bicycle bell and her magic goggles?

Heather Henry, a multiple award-winning nurse, presents BreathChamps: a unique, evidence-based and creative programme, for children aged 4 to 12 years to learn about asthma in fun ways.

  • Doing childrens physical therapy differently 

    • The Poo Nurses! launch new video to tackle childhood constipation Designed as a guide for both GPs and parents, this video is delivered by our fabulous 'poo nurses', as a step by step guide on how to spot the signs and symptoms of idiopathic childhood constipation and how this can be effectively managed with a Macrogal laxative.

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