#UltimateULHT Introducing our children’s services patient placemat on Rainforest Ward, Lincoln County Hospital

We firstly set out on an idea of how to improve the information we gave to patients during their stay so that we could keep them informed about our service within the ward and hospital itself and improve their overall experience.

Based on an original idea for adult areas that works really well we embarked on a project to design the first paediatric placemat with an aim of being able to incorporate useful information and at the same time be fun for children.

We were lucky enough to be selected in 2016 to be a pilot site for monkey wellbeing patient experience feedback and so we really wanted to incorporate the theme that has become a big part of our ward into the placemat.

Monkey experiences many different things while in hospital and is a useful tool to educate children while making the experience fun and something patients can relate to ranging from how to use their inhaler correctly to how to leave feedback after their hospital stay and by incorporating the how many monkey activities have you achieved today added an extra fun challenge for children to complete.

Through this placemat, we aim to keep patients and families informed about the daily running of our ward, things that may happen as part of their stay and explanations about some of our common practices and procedures as well as letting them know about services available within the hospital.

Being in hospital can be a very frightening experience for both children and parents so we wanted to give them as much information as possible about our service while being able to explain some common procedures to help them better understand why things may be necessary during their stay.

Our overall aim was one in which patients felt more relaxed and included in their stay and felt more control over their care and a feeling of partnership between themselves and healthcare staff.

Once the rough copy was drawn up we showed this to other members of our team to include their thoughts and feedback before a final draft was decided.

With the support and guidance from our Ward Manager, Carol Hogg and the fabulous graphics and design by Sharon Kidd, our placemat was complete.

Designed by :-

Laura Redgrave , Nursery Nurse and Sharon Birkin, Junior Sister

Rainforest Ward Fab Experience Champion’s

With thanks to Carol Hogg, Ward Manager

Sharon Kidd , Patient Experience Manager

Helen from Monkey Wellbeing

And staff of Rainforest Ward for their contributions

[email protected]

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