Coronavirus (Covid-19) has presented a serious challenge to a health and social care system already under strain. In the past few weeks the NHS has rapidly changed the way it is delivering its services and the way in which its workforce is configured, to ensure high quality care is delivered to patients presenting both with and without Covid-19. 

The NHS has risen to the challenge, with all health professions across the health and social care sector working tirelessly to ensure that patients are supported through these challenging times. We have seen our leaders Deciding with speed over precision, Adapting boldly, Reliably delivering and Engaging for impact, to support the management of this crisis. 

So far  we have seen;

  • The creation of seven Nightingale Hospitals
  • The creation of a temporary NMC register with thousands of nurses joining this
  • The recruitment of 400,000 NHS Volunteers 
  • A plethora of digital health platforms being rolled out 
  • GP and outpatient clinics turned into video consultations 
  • The rapid set-up of clinical trials 
  • Plus much more

Pre COVID-19, these new changes and ways of working across the health and social care sector would have been considered as part of a long term plan, and delivered over many years. However, the NHS, and its regulators, has been able to deliver mass innovation in a matter of weeks. 

So, once this is over, let’s not get back into the ‘old ways’, let's continue to drive innovation that continues at pace and ensure that there is no turning back.

We ask that health and social care colleagues to join us in sharing their innovations as part of the campaign 'No Going Back’.

Sultan Mahmud, 

Director of Innovation, Integration & Research

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