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15 January 2015

Integrated Breastfeeding Service

We are a small team made up of breastfeeding peer support workers, an infant feeding specialist midwife, health visitor, peer...
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14 January 2015

Donating platelets

For NHS Change Day last year, Sara Mills pledged to donate platelets. She has now donated 25 times, and here she shares why...
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13 January 2015

Sharing Hugo's legacy

To make sure her precious boy Hugo lives on through her work and her writing, Leigh Kendall pledged last year to raise...
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12 January 2015

Staying Safe

To reduce the numbers of people with mental health problems who become victims of crime, and to improve the support available...
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11 January 2015

Seeing the person, not the task

David Foreman is Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Healthcare Practice at the University of Derby. He shares why he got involved...
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10 January 2015

Communication cards

I felt that it was important for the patient to have a point of contact whilst awaiting surgery. With this in mind I developed...
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