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09 January 2015

Challenge Top Down Change

Challenge Top Down Change is an experimental crowdsourcing project that aims to develop models, methods and skills for a new...
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08 January 2015

Eating a renal diet

Amanda Newnham is currently training to be a childrens' kidney doctor. She decided last year to undertake the challenge of...
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07 January 2015

Corridors of power

A few months ago I decided that I didn’t particularly like the decoration on a certain corridor at work. So I asked our...
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06 January 2015

Fight Back Mental Health

I have boxed for Weymouth for about 15 years and have seen the changes it can make to people’s wellbeing. So with this in...
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05 January 2015

Creating 3,000+ dementia friends

In 2014, Andy Tysoe pledged to create 2000 dementia friends by the end of dementia week: 23 May. By December, he had delivered...
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04 January 2015

What's your story?

Stories are one of the most ancient of teaching and learning techniques. Stories can be used to share great ideas and inspire...
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