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14 January 2015

Donating platelets

For NHS Change Day last year, Sara Mills pledged to donate platelets. She has now donated 25 times, and here she shares why...
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13 January 2015

Sharing Hugo's legacy

To make sure her precious boy Hugo lives on through her work and her writing, Leigh Kendall pledged last year to raise...
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12 January 2015

Staying Safe

To reduce the numbers of people with mental health problems who become victims of crime, and to improve the support available...
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11 January 2015

Seeing the person, not the task

David Foreman is Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Healthcare Practice at the University of Derby. He shares why he got involved...
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10 January 2015

Communication cards

I felt that it was important for the patient to have a point of contact whilst awaiting surgery. With this in mind I developed...
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09 January 2015

Challenge Top Down Change

Challenge Top Down Change is an experimental crowdsourcing project that aims to develop models, methods and skills for a new...
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08 January 2015

Eating a renal diet

Amanda Newnham is currently training to be a childrens' kidney doctor. She decided last year to undertake the challenge of...
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07 January 2015

Corridors of power

A few months ago I decided that I didn’t particularly like the decoration on a certain corridor at work. So I asked our...
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06 January 2015

Fight Back Mental Health

I have boxed for Weymouth for about 15 years and have seen the changes it can make to people’s wellbeing. So with this in...
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05 January 2015

Creating 3,000+ dementia friends

In 2014, Andy Tysoe pledged to create 2000 dementia friends by the end of dementia week: 23 May. By December, he had delivered...
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04 January 2015

What's your story?

Stories are one of the most ancient of teaching and learning techniques. Stories can be used to share great ideas and inspire...
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03 January 2015

Managing wheelchairs

Marc Yerrell, deputy manager for support services in Milton Keynes Hospital, is a Change Day champion who has led two...
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