On the 9th day of Christmas - Bridging Boundaries in Health & Social Care

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Consider the following statements:

• Imagine leaving your home and never returning to it again

• Imagine someone tells you that you are moving house tomorrow and you have no control over where you are moving to and how much it will cost.

This is what we do to thousands of older people every year. Many older people are admitted to hospital with a mild to moderate illness on top of any pre-existing conditions. We make judgements about how the person will manage when they return home based on perceptions about the person after the effects of a stay in hospital, often prolonged. We assess them in an environment that is alien and confusing. 

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  • Getting patients Home First in Medway

The concept of ‘Discharge to Assess’ is not a new one – improving patient flow across the health economy; supporting more efficient discharges; and providing the option for more patients to recover at home are all common aims for acute and community providers.A number of trusts and providers across the UK have implemented a system whereby community teams support their local acute hospital with OT, equipment and patient support packages to improve discharges.

But consistent, measurable success isn’t well documented. This has all changed with Medway Community Healthcare’s (MCH) Home First scheme which you can find here

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  • Home First - The Revolution that truly blends health and social care

Are you part of the Whose Shoes Movement -  a catalyst for change in health and social care

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