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18 December 2014

School for Health and Care Radicals

The School for Health and Care Radicals (SHCR) aims to support and nurture the next generation of change agents. These...
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17 December 2014

Sharing my story

Ellie Milner is a Change Day volunteer for patients and the West Midlands. She tells us about her pledge to share her patient...
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16 December 2014

Not in my job description

For Change Day 2014, I pledged to do at least one thing every week of the year that is “not in my job description”. Doing...
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15 December 2014

Radical tea cup

The NHS IQ Horizons Team decided to get together each Monday for the Radical Tea-Cup because they felt that they needed to have...
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14 December 2014

Change starts with me

Dr Victoria Hewitt is a specialist palliative care physician with an interest in medicines management at the end of life. She...
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13 December 2014

Implementing a 24 hour postural management service

By really listening to our service users, we identified a gap in provision of night-time positioning aids within our area. As...
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