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16 December 2014

Not in my job description

For Change Day 2014, I pledged to do at least one thing every week of the year that is “not in my job description”. Doing...
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15 December 2014

Radical tea cup

The NHS IQ Horizons Team decided to get together each Monday for the Radical Tea-Cup because they felt that they needed to have...
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14 December 2014

Change starts with me

Dr Victoria Hewitt is a specialist palliative care physician with an interest in medicines management at the end of life. She...
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13 December 2014

Implementing a 24 hour postural management service

By really listening to our service users, we identified a gap in provision of night-time positioning aids within our area. As...
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12 December 2014

Giving Voice to People with Learning Disabilities

For Change Day 2014, Jane Parr of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, pledged to help as many people as possible to meet the...
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11 December 2014

How we're changing the world!

Since the first ideas of NHS Change Day bubbled up in 2012 with grassroots and improvement leaders, it has attracted people all...
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10 December 2014

Could your campaign be one for NHS Change Day 2015?

As part of NHS Change Day 2015, we want to support and develop a selection of small to medium sized campaigns in order to raise...
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09 December 2014

Coaching an NHS Manager for free

Paul’s coaching sessions are phenomenal: he really listens and offers sound advice. Helping me navigate through different...
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08 December 2014

Spotting the warning signs of sepsis in children, at an early stage

Every year a number of children die from severe and sudden infections in situations that could have been avoided if their...
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07 December 2014

#6Csy: compassion in practice

Friday was International Volunteer’s Day, so this weekend we are celebrating the Change Day volunteers (otherwise known as...
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06 December 2014

Why I became a better change agent for the NHS.

Yesterday was International Volunteer’s Day, so this weekend we are celebrating the Change Day volunteers (otherwise known...
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05 December 2014

Celebrating Change Day volunteers on International Volunteer Day

Today is International Volunteer Day, and we're using this day to recognise all of the work our volunteers do to make a change...
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