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10 February 2015

Normal Birth for Lone Nuts

The ‘Normal Birth for Lone Nuts’ Facebook page has been set up by Natalie Corden and Rachel Checkland, to promote...
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09 February 2015

Tweet, Share, Inspire

CJ Graham is Project Manager in Community Ophthalmology at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. For her NHS Change Day action...
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08 February 2015


#CuppaCare is a simple concept that costs nothing to implement and is able to be taken on by anybody, whilst truly focusing on...
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07 February 2015

Community Diabetes care

Early in 2013 the Community Diabetes Team (Dietitians and Diabetes Specialist Nurses) launched a pilot programme of Low Carb...
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06 February 2015

Meet the NHS Value Makers!

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06 February 2015

Organ Donation

Alex Kamadu, Transformation Fellow for NHS IQ, has registered to be an organ donor for his NHS Change Day 2015 action. Why did...
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05 February 2015

Asthma advice via Facebook

Our role is to provide education and support to children and families to help them manage their asthma better. A large part of...
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04 February 2015

Supporting moms and babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Part of my role in the hospital is supporting moms and babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I know what it is...
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03 February 2015

‘Stop Before Your Op'

The Phoenix Team, part of Lincolnshire Community Health Service NHS Trust, developed the ‘Stop Before Your Op ’ initiative...
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02 February 2015


Over 100 NHS organisations are today joining the Big Bang launch of #Hellomynameis. The ‘Hello my name is…’ campaign was...
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