Today is Valentine’s Day. What better day to launch an idea about something you love

Today is Valentine’s Day.  What better day to launch an idea about something you love featured image

Love, not in a doe-eyed way but love in the way of; ‘I’ve been there, seen it and just love it’. Or, doncha just love what they do.

If you have a dicky-ticker the NHS will fix it for you.  If you need new heart the NHS is there for you.  Take heart the NHS is full of stout hearts that will go the extra mile.  Heartening to know it is there for us; young, old, rich or poor, the NHS will open its heart and mind.  The NHS doesn’t judge it just gets on and fixes us up.

The NHS is full of good stuff, please share it.  Make our website a repository of excellence, ideas and innovation.  Please share the best of what you do and that way we can learn from each other and we can all get better.

Doncha just love it! If that isn’t a heart-warming thought, what is?

Well actually this submission of fabulous stuff from Annie Laverty entitled 'Because they want to' really couldn't encapsulate more what FabNHSStuff is all about ... Have a read...fabulous isn't it?

Roy Lilley
Because they want to

My role brings with it the privilege of listening to and acting upon the feedback that we receive from thousands of patients and families every year. I feel very grateful when people take the time to get in touch and to work with us – we know that all feedback, whether good or bad, helps to make us better.

Over time, I’ve learned a lot about the power of stories and the creative use of film and photography in improvement. I’ve witnessed when the emotion they convey hits home, lands hard and silences the room. I’ve also noticed how this information is retained to remind us later to pay attention to the important things. It’s why for me, the soft stuff is never soft. Stories of care at the frontline have taught me about the everyday heroes and the incredible kindness that exists in the NHS despite the pressure, noise and complexity of delivering healthcare.

I wanted to share one of those stories with you now. A gentleman was critically ill in one of our hospitals – he had let the team caring for him know that he wanted to die at home, but they knew his condition meant that he would never survive the journey. Rather than just accept this as a sad fact, staff decided to act swiftly, holding the gentleman’s wishes in mind. Quietly, without fuss, they closed the curtains of all the neighbouring wards that overlooked a small contained garden courtyard – they didn’t seek permission, or do a risk assessment, but they did ensure complete privacy before moving the gentleman outside. Twenty minutes later he didn’t die in hospital, he died in the garden, aware of the summer breeze on his skin, with his wife in his arms.

I want this website to celebrate NHS staff like this. Those - the many - who make decisions every day to do what’s right and to care wholeheartedly by holding the individual in mind - not because they have to but because they want to. It’s who they are. Aren’t they fab and worth shouting about?

Annie Laverty
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February 14th, 2015
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