The triple bottom line of period health

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Could getting involved in this project be your New Years Resolution?

Imagine you are a young person in hospital, and you start your first period, how do you feel?
It is well known that having an operation can bring on a period.
The hospital can’t help you - there are no period products routinely stocked.

You can’t use your hands well because of your disability, so you can’t manage your period

It is essential that our care is inclusive to all; this is a great example of using the triple bottom line of sustainable quality improvement to ensure inclusive affordable and environmentally friendly options are available to all.

Occupational therapists were issuing period pants to support independence as anyone who can put on pants, can then manage their period.

In 2024, period poverty and the challenges of young people living with a disability excluded by lack of solutions which enable them to be independent managing their period should not be a challenge people are facing in 2024.

Looking for a New Years resolution that will improve the QoL of many people? 
 If the answer is yes please Click on the image below to read and download the poster

Interested in QI projects that address sustainability challenges alongside Equality and Independence? Click on the image below to open and read the recent presentation relating to Period health. 

Isn't this something we should all be exploring within our areas of work?  Together we can make this our New Years resolution to address the triple bottom line in period health 

For further information please contact [email protected]

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