Sharing your work for FabChanges22to23 - together we need to be BLONDE

Sharing your work for FabChanges22to23 - together we need to be BLONDE featured image
  • Sometimes its difficult to value and appreciate the impact of small changes you make to your service or care.
    • Sometimes we doubt our work because its not a randomised control trial, its audit.
    • Sometimes we want to make changes but we don't know how to start, havent got the time to start with a blank piece of paper

    #FabChanges22to23 knows that often the little things are the big things. We know that during the last two years, despite the challenges you have faced, you have made improvements to services, thought outside the box, done things differently. We value your work, and we know that your NHS colleagues value it too. You cancan find out a bit more about little things click HERE

    So for Module 4 of #FabChanges22to23 we are asking you to share your work (however big or small) 

    We want to make sure your fantastic work is celebrated, and that the learning isn’t forgotten.

    We’ve drafted this template to help you structure your story. It’s designed to help others put your learning into practice. 

    Try and complete every field if you can, but don’t worry if you can’t.  

    When you have completed the template, delete the instructions and SAVE AS A PDF

    Upload it, together with any attachments, to

    You can download this simple sharing template HERE

    Module 4 is about being BLONDE; a state of mind not a hair colou

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