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#LittleThingsMatter’ campaign is all about changing culture and staff awareness with regards to patient interactions.

Every patient interaction can help prevent an inpatient fall but it is important to ‘not just do ‘something’ to prevent falls but to do something that works’.By focusing on one aspect of care each month for a year this project will bring falls prevention into everyday care for every patient not just for the high risk over 65’s as 23% of inpatient falls are under 65 .

5 key outcomes and implications of the project

• The goal of this campaign is to change the culture and the way we think about inpatient falls.

• By re-engaging the falls champions from the wards we saw how frontline staff could identify aspects of care that was missed and needed focused on rather than criteria dictated from a top down approach. This gave ownership back to the wards and compliance increasing. 

• By showing that if everyone who makes a little change in practice, we can bring about big changes for our patients.

• Education and daily discussion about falls bring it part of everyday care and not just for those identified as high risk..

 Ensuring that every interaction with patients has falls prevention in the mindset of every member of staff whether housekeeper, nurse, porter, AHP or Doctor

End of life care message card - the little things are the big things

I am sharing this simple but fabulous idea that one of our at SaTH EOLC Champions came up with during the fab change week champion afternoon tea. Roy and Terri from the Acadamy of Fabulbous Stuff were at the tea and Miriam Gilbert was talking to Rachel, Debbie and Jules Lock about her idea of a message card for people visiting an end of life relative / friend while family were not present. If there was a message card they could write a message of support for the family letting them know they had been to visit. So we went about getting this put into action with the help of Sam from the Web Team.
This idea can also be used by our EOLC Volunteers to say how the dying person was at their visit to support the family at the hardest of time. It's the little things that are the big things.  We have one chance to get it right for every person every time.

Slow closing bins help our patients to have a better nights sleep: Responding to patient feedback

On our feedback surveys several patients mentioned that the bins we had in the bay were noisy when staff closed them during the night and therefore disturbed their sleep

Solution We researched bins and found some with slow self closing lids which meant they didn't bang when closed. We purchased one and trialled it in one of the 3 ward bays. It was successful and therefore we purchased one for each bay.

Result No further comments re the noisy bins on the patient feedback forms and patients are getting a better nights sleep therefore assisting with their rehabilitation. #simplelittlething that makes such a big difference

'Forget me nots' A small gift in our bereavement packs

 Last year one of our first shares on fabnhsstuff was our bereavement sleeves that are made by Sister Donna Phillips and her daughter Holly in order to house the bereavement information we give to relatives. A #simplelittlething that makes such a difference to relatives at this emotional time. We are always striving to improve everything we do on the ward and have now made an addition to these packs. Now within them is an envelope which contains a matching card to the sleeve and inside this is a pack of forget me not seeds, a little gift from the Scotter Ward team for the relatives to take away and plant should they wish.

Swan care bags at #UltimateULHT

Recognising that families understandably prioritise their loved one and have little resources to “freshen up” themselves, particularly if they have been alongside a dying patient for several hours, Marie launched an appeal during Dying Matters week 2018.


The appeal called for miniature toiletries to make up SWAN care bags for patients, friends or relatives to extend a gesture of compassion as part of our continued drive to enhance our end of life care provision.Small things do really make a difference. 
The bags are made up with items such as;
• Deodorant

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Tissues

• Lip balm

• Soap

• Wipes

EOL Swan Scheme - Ring bags

One of our patients thought it would a great idea and more personal to make small purses from old ties as currently along with other trusts, small personal items of their loved ones are given in brown envelopes. They are so simple to make and have a ribbon inside so rings, necklaces etc can be tied securely.They can be made in a variety of sizes too with the large ones being able to have glasses, watches put in them. The idea has really taken off and I have now developed a pattern so others can make them.  We have staff in the trust donating old ties and we managed to secure a large supply from our amazing Grantham League of Friends Charity shop

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