Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week UK and NI June 19-23 2023

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week UK and NI June 19-23 2023 featured image

Pulmonary Rehabilitation can reduce the time people spend in hospital by 50%, from 9.6 days to 4.8 days if patients complete it ( source Royal College of Physicians Audit 2018)

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week UK and NI June 19-23 2023 is designed to raise awareness of the existence and benefits of PR.

PR can ease the pressure on hospitals all year round not just in the winter.  

Exercise and education for lung illness offers a new lease of life for people with lung disease  

Over 1 million hospital bed days per year are taken up by lung patients (NHS England)2017

Many patients report visiting their GP & nurses less often after PR.  

PR is designed to improve the breathing and wellbeing of people with lung disease.  

The therapy PR is exercise training & self-management skills for lung disease.  

PR is suitable for any stable lung condition.  

“PR gives people with lung illness knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their own health care.  

It provides the opportunity to address the physical, emotional and mental difficulties that patients face due to lung illness.  

PR exercise & education is a wonderful way of becoming more active in a supportive environment.  

Peers can socialize with each other & break the social isolation that often comes with lung illness.  

Pulmonary Rehab Awareness Founded in 2016 by Paul Mills & Dr Elaine twitter @prwukee

If you want more ideas on how to raise awarenss THIS is the document for you

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