Our #Ultimate ULHT Pledge for #FABChange19

Our #Ultimate ULHT Pledge for #FABChange19 featured image

At ULHT we have 4 FAB Ambassadors and a huge love and commitment for the Academy; we thrive on the energy and motivation that sharing our work and searching out what others have done brings to our Trust. We have been developing a network of FAB Champions across the Trust and have 65 now in place; their role is to champion and promote patient experience and to be a link between services and teams through to the (small but perfectly formed) patient experience team. And a very important aspect is for them to use the Academy website to inspire themselves and others.

We have developed what we have called the '3Ss' - Support, Search and Share - as our theme for #FABChange19 and as an organisation we pledge:

1. To have 100 FAB Champions in place across the organisation

2. For our Ambassadors to each '3S' 5 people - support them to search and share their work.

We also plan to have fun:

3. We have organised a Randomised Coffee Trial and even secured 200 free drinks vouchers!

4. We are #pinchingwithpride from Princess Alexander Harlow Trust (PAHT) their brilliant 'High Five' initiative and aiming to give 350 'high fives' to colleagues across the Trust.

5. And are going to have a quiz.

6. And on a much more public level we will be joining the GIANT event in London on 15th & 16th October supporting the Academy on their stand and showcasing our amazing new Single Unified Patient Experience Reporting Dashboard - aka SUPERB! You can find our more about SUPERB here as we shared that earlier :)

So our approach is very much a campaign for #FABChange19 and we thought you may want to see our plans and how we have organised this so  have a look at our plan. As ever we are very happy to share :)

Have a FAB #FABChange19 everyone! See you on Twitter!

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