On the 12th day of Christmas - #FabAntiRacismCampaign and civility matters

On the 12th day of Christmas - #FabAntiRacismCampaign  and civility matters featured image

We all have a part to play  in addressing racism in the NHS and social care. 

Small acts that raise the awareness of how easy discrimination and prejudice can sneak into all our lives, and how fab people are not waiting for permission or be told what to do next, they are just getting on with it because it’s the right things to do.

So have a browse, reflect and decide what you can do in 2021 to standing up and address racism in the  NHS and Social Care   

  • In this film Deondra Wardelle discusses a A lean approach to anti racism #rootcauseracism

Watch a short film Shining a light on the diversity of our people; diversity which is recognised, celebrated and 

embraced with the overarching goal of working together, effectively, as one team.

Read this discussion article about BlackLivesMatterinCaretoo!

This film was made by the Simulation and Human Factors Team at Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust to raise awareness around the 

impact of incivility on cognitive function, technical performance and teamwork.

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