Menopause Guidance and toolkit

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The pack contains an overview of the very individualised symptoms most will face when going through the peri-menopause.

The pack contains a toolkit which can be used to identify specific issues and help to develop work place adjustments to help and support through this stage; retaining staff, supporting staff and demonstrating the value of staff.-final-26.

Menopause and the workplace

Case studies for line managers and colleagues experiencing menopause


The following stories have been collected from across the Civil Service, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Each story is real but has been depersonalised to protect people’s personal information.

Colleagues want to share their stories to help line managers and team mates learn more about what it feels like to experience menopause while at work. Gaps in support are evident, but there are also positive experiences to learn from. Each story is followed by some questions to prompt consideration and discussion.


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