How The Music Gift-stick help the elderly without visit
 - adapting to #COVID-19 isolation

How The Music Gift-stick help the elderly without visit
 - adapting to #COVID-19 isolation featured image

What can you do for someone in a care home now visitors are prohibited?

- You can call, Skype or facetime.
- Make a Music Gift-stick.
- Send flowers.

Now that we must stay at home and can’t visit our family in care homes. You can call, skype or facetime with them.

Ask the care workers what the best time is for calling, they now very well when your loved one can use a contact boost.

When the person has dementia avoid questions during the conversation. As questions are difficult for someone with dementia.

Tell things, talk about the past, talk carefree. Maybe you think it doesn't mean much, but a carefree conversation which does not burden the person with dementia, means very much for a person with dementia.

Listen together to a beloved song. The music connect, give consolation, together without words. The music can also provide you with conversation material.

Create a favorite playlist:
- Fill a playlist with the favorite music of the person.
- Put the music on a USB stick.
- Post Music Gift-stick.

The Music Gift-stick is a great gift for an elder who can't have get visitors anymore. If you need help with finding the favorite music you can make use the of the

Music Questionnaire here.

Make a 15-25 playlist
- This is a playlist filled with the music the person has heard between his 15e and 25e year.
- These songs are so deeply stored in the brain that even Alzheimer’s can’t destroy them.
- Play the 15-25 songs while you are on the phone, skype or facetime with the person.
- Put the recognized songs in a list.
- Set the playlist on a USB stick.
- Post Music Gift-stick

Sent flowers
It not necessary  to send big flower bouquets. The feeling that someone is thinking about you is more important than the size of the bouquet. And getting an unexpected gift is a gift in itself. 

Not allowed to go outside or to school?
Children who are not allowed to go to school can make a playlist for their grandfather or grandmother. And anyone who is looking for a way of spending his free time can fill USB sticks for residents in a care home.

The Music Gift-stick is a 4 time valued gift
1- The surprise of getting post.
2 - Someone spent time on me.
3 - The pleasure of listening to the music.
4 - Care support for the carers who all have additional duties now.

Your 4 time valued gift is a wonderful gift. It gives diversion for people in care homes who are not allowed to receive visitors and you help the overloaded care workers.

Please stay at home as much as possible, help others and keep healthy.

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