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Recognising it is a busy world in our wards and departments I created a monthly message sent to all our FAB patient experience champions. 

Each monthly #FABFact brings a new element or new piece of information relating to Patient Experience along with a ready-made solution or improvement that staff can simply ‘grab and go’ to implement in their areas.

For example:

One month was all about Noise at Night so as well as some general information we included an audit tool so they could review their ward and a poster they could print out; another month was all about keeping relatives update and included a 'sharing information' sheet for patients notes and a password reminder label.

We have also started to include a #FABFact Staff Noticeboard Share - a ready made notice to pin up in staff rooms.

The whole aim of a 'grab and go' approach is to help and support staff to take improvements forward at local level in a facilitated way.

Topics to date include:

*Noise at Night

* All About Me - hospital passports

* Keeping relatives update


* Difficult phone calls

* Schwartz Rounds

* Counting Compliments

I am happy to share :) [email protected]

You can find all the resources to download and pinch with pride HereSharing-information-with-relatives-May-2021.   Patient-password-label.   FABFact-Staff-Noticeboard-Share-Feb-22 FABFact-Staff-Noticeboard-Share-Mar-22.

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