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Fab Music Challenge
A little tip with a great impact for care.

Did you know when Florence Nightingale wrote her seminal guide to nursing, she cited the importance of music to the patient.

You will be amazed how much you contribute to a patient recovery  and wellbeing when you tip him or his family to use music.

The results of music researched and proven:

Covid patients endure their isolation better when they listen to music

- Chronic Pain? Listening to music can reduce chronic pain by up to 25%

- Parkinson? Music helps the movement & mood of people living with Parkinson's

- Cancer patients manage stress & anxiety better by listening to music

- Had a stroke? Music improves stroke patients' recovery.

- Pre & Post operative recovery and convalescence is faster 

- End pyjamas paralysis = as music is uplifting, improves mood and is an energizer

- Reduce post anaesthesia impact by asking the patient to listen before and during the operation to his favourite music

- Not sleeping? Music gives inner peace and works better than a sleeping pill

- In those living with dementia anxiety and problem behaviour can be reduced with the right music which also is care aid during care actions

- Music helps patients who don’t speak English 

If you haven't tried music in your care setting why don't you try? 

If you are using music within your care setting - why not share your experience.

If you'd like further ideas of how you can utilise music within you care setting just click HERE

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