A Day in the Life of the NHS - inspiring future generations

A Day in the Life of the NHS is an annual event led by East Riding CCG in partnership with Hull CCG and local commissioned organisations; Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, City Healthcare Partnership, Hull College of Further Education, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the University of Hull. Each year we create an event targeted at year 8 pupils from schools across Hull and the East Riding. The event is specifically targeted at young people who may not have any career plans already identified and / or who may not necessarily be the most academic as we wanted to let the pupils know there are more roles than Dr’s and Nurses. Over the time the event has been running we have shared the apprentice route with pupils and have always looked to strengthen relationships with the schools to support the message of a career in the NHS is a really rewarding one.

The event is held each November within the clinical skills department at Hull University Teaching Hospitals which is a state of the art Clinical Skills Facility which has fast become an established and highly reputable centre of excellence for Clinical Skills and Simulation training. Each of the organisations involved creates a 10 minute scenario to showcase some of the roles available in their organisation. We aim to make the event as interactive as possible to stimulate and promote interest in NHS roles. 

We are very fortunate that Hull Boxer Tommy Coyle supports this event. His family are fruit market traders so each year he arrives with crates of fruit to promote healthy eating. Each year he provides a motivational speech to the pupils about working hard and how fabulous the NHS is and the impact contact with the NHS has had upon him and his family. Tommy is a fantastic ambassador for young people across the City and because he is so well known and a local celebrity he absolutely has the full attention of the room every time. 

The day runs from 9.15- 2.30 so it’s an action packed day. The pupils have a work book they complete about each session, this may be a word search about the scenario they have seen or they are asked to name some of the roles in the NHS.

Last year we took some of the NHS 70 films out to one of the schools to trial this as a prep session for the event as we never want to give away too much about what we are doing as it could spoil the experience. The event is always very well evaluated by the pupils and teachers and we have had requests from schools to be invited back the following year. We try to cover as many schools as possible – the department can accommodate 60 pupils per day so we hold a day for East Riding Schools and a day for Hull Schools. The event has been filmed by students from Hull College.

One year we told the story of Mr and Mrs Young. Mr Young has dementia. His wife who is his carer had fallen.

Scenario 1

This session was led by a paramedic. One of our colleagues acted the part of Mrs Young who was laid on the floor. The next door neighbour had called and had found Mrs Young on the floor. Mr Young was very distressed. The pupils were asked how they would respond in an emergency situation to call an ambulance and learnt the importance of providing full details to ambulance control. Mrs Young was then taken to hospital. The next door neighbour stayed with Mr Young and rang the Community Mental Health Team.

Scenario 2

Mr Young was supported by his neighbour until the CPN arrived who arranged for Mr Young to have respite care in a local care home whilst his wife was in hospital. Staff involved are a CPN and a mental health HCA

Scenario 3

Mrs Young is in hospital (we use a 4 bedded room in the dept. which exactly simulates a ward environment). She is seen by a Doctor and Nurse. Also present in the scenario is a ward housekeeper, ward clerk, physio and OT. Mrs Young requires surgery

Scenario 4

This scenario is held within a theatre environment which is a replica of a real theatre. The pupils are able to dress up in caps and gowns and usually wear these all day. This event is led by the ODP clinical trainer from Hull university. The pupils are made aware of what happens in a theatre and who is involved in Mrs Young’s surgery.

Scenario 5

Mrs Young has recovered and is now at home. She is visited by her GP and District Nurse. A phlebotomist also calls to take bloods. Mr Young has returned home from respite

Interactive sessions

Interactive sessions are also run as part of the day. 

Each year the paramedics run a session restart a heart to train the pupils in CPR. 

We also have a giant game of operation, IPC light box and a session on hydration, lap boxes, a smoothie bike and a selection of uniforms for the pupils to dress up in.

For further information contact : Nicki Sparling Interim Assistant Director of Nursing, Patient Safety & Quality  Assurance  [email protected]

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