Summer happiness & Unconditional love

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Don't let dementia diminish your love, friendship or companionship. When it rains we don't like the sun any less?

We know "the sun shines behind the clouds" and in dementia there is always a person to be found. Finding that person goes not by itself, you will have to do something for it.

But the reward is: Contact, being together, twinkling eyes or hearing someone speak who hasn't spoken for months.

If we understand from that lasting and unconditional love that the person with dementia is still there and will remain there. Then we are not only able to get nearer to that person, but we also make it easier for ourselves.

Do you also have, that one summer hit, from your teenage years, bring back summers memories of the past? Your first time alone on holiday, by bike, moped, your first car. And even when everything went wrong, it was still a great vacation.

Those memories are your contact options with the person with dementia. And the bridge to it is MUSIC! Songs which the person with dementia has heard in his teens.

To make it easy for you, I made playlists with summer hits from different years.

Let love and friendship create time and patience to listen together with the person with dementia to the right playlist.

With these songs you can let the sun shine in dementia fog, you can make contact and find the person you love.

You will see sparkling eyes and the memories will bring the person with dementia back into contact with himself. Just whole again. to be oneself for just one moment.

A beautiful gift not only for the person with dementia, but also a special gift for you. 

Like Queen sings Music it’s a kind of magic

Summer hits from the β€˜40 πŸ‘‰

Summer hits from the β€˜50  πŸ‘‰

Summer hits from the β€˜60   πŸ‘‰

Summer hits from the β€˜70  πŸ‘‰

Summer hits from the β€˜80  πŸ‘‰

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