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GB1NHS is the UK's National Health Service Radio Communications Station.
The station was licenced for operation by the UK's Communications Regulator Ofcom, on 5th April 2018. The aim of the station is to promote NHS initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of communities globally. 

It does this by using the international Ham Radio platform to raise awareness of public health campaigns, including reducing loneliness and isolation within communities. It also has the capability to support emergency communications, in the event of the loss of traditional platforms, such as telephone land lines, cell phones or the internet.

A truly inclusive communications platform

Ham Radio has the ability to reach the 30% of the worlds population, who do not have access to traditional platforms, such as telephone land lines, cell phones or the internet. 

Ham Radio can also support national resilience, by providing emergency communications, in the event of the loss of traditional communications platforms or power outages.

We are incredibly grateful to Callum McCormick (DX Commander), for hosting us at his Headquarters on 5th July 2023. This was to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NHS.  

An introduction to Ham Radio

Further Information

For further information about GB1NHS please contact [email protected]
Twitter @GB1NHS @DevlinPJ QRZ.Com Ham Radio Database page link.

Information about Ham Radio including how to get your licence, can be found by clicking the Ham Hub UK visual below. 

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