GB1FAB Special Event Radio Communications Station

GB1FAB is a special event radio communications station established to support Fab Change Day 2020. The callsign stands for Great Britain One Fabulous Stuff.

The station uses the global HAM (amateur) radio platform to gain access to restricted radio frequencies which are used by specially licenced radio operators.

The station gives the Academy of Fabulous Stuff the ability to reach communities anywhere in the world. Regardless of geographic location or connection to domestic power supplies, land lines, cell phone or internet services.

Approximately 45% of the world’s population do not have access to traditional forms of communications. Fabbing up our communications capability via the radio waves is key.

The aim of the station is to promote Fab Change 2020 and shine a light on fab things that improve the health and wellbeing of communities globally.

GB1FAB is operated under licence from the UK’s Government Office for Communications Ofcom.

Our Fab Ambassadors from the Emergency Care Improvement Support Team will be taking to the airwaves on 21st October and helping us reach more people than ever before. The team also run the NHS radio communications station GB1NHS.

We are incredibly grateful to the fabulous Radio Society of Great Britain and Ofcom for all their support with launching our radio station. 

For more information about GB1FAB, GB1NHS or HAM radio please contact our Fab radio operator [email protected] or via Twitter @DevlinPJ.

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