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“Youth Summer Memories” are often the most wonderful memories:

First time alone on vacation, first kiss, summer love, sun, beach, long evenings, endless school holidays……… 

Think about your own summer memories, I wait for a while so you can recollect them…..and were they happy?

Did those memories make you smile?

Here comes the magic part, with the right music you can bring back summer holiday memories to people with dementia, is that not a great summer holiday to gift? 

How does this magic works? Very simple use the music from the 15-25 age range, because this music is so firmly anchored in your brain that even dementia cannot destroy these musical memories.

Music from this age range are tin openers for the memory, bring back summer feelings of those years. Makes them feel “on top of the world” again, just like when they were young.

I have made Summer hits list from the “40 – ’50 – ’60 – ’70 – ’80 on Spotify ready to use.

So calculate someone’s 15-25 period pick the right Summer Hit list and find out which song bring out a smile, create twinkling’s in the eyes of the person with dementia.

Let’s have a summer party as dementia is not the end of living you now, you can still make a lot of fun and have lots of laughter. When you want to turn music into a help engine for the brain, an aid to care and well-being look at this page with the Care-based playlists you have gold in your hands. 

Remember Care-based playlists are a double-edged sword, which help both the caregiver and those requiring care.

 Tool 2 Music  can use the power of music to help with depression, dementia, chronic pain, autism, Parkinson’s Disease, recovery from surgery, physical disabilities.

I wish you a great summer and hope you can awaken lots of summer memories by those who are wandering around in the Dementia haze, have fun!

Ignar Rip

Your Fab Ambassador from Holland

Summer Hits of the ’40

Summer Hits of the ’50

 Summer Hits of the ’60

Summer Hits of the ’70

Summer Hits of the ’80

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