Your invitation to participate in #FabChange20 October 21st

Your invitation to participate in #FabChange20 October 21st featured image

#FabChange20 Briefing

Wednesday 21st October 2020


The Academy of Fabulous Stuff (‘Fab’) is a community of people committed to sharing improvements, innovation & best practice across health & social care system & beyond. This Fab social movement is supported by a website – accessed by more than 2,000 people worldwide every day – where anyone can share the improvements they’ve made so that others can and learn from them:

Fab Change Day

Originating in 2013 as NHS Change Day, this social change movement is growing & evolving exponentially year on year. Now known as ‘Fab Change Day’, it shares & celebrates improvements big & small across the NHS and beyond. 

This year, due to Covid-19, Fab Change Day will be run virtually. This year’s event, #FabChange20 will be taking place on Wednesday 21st October 2020.

Focus of #FabChange20

To reflect the global pandemic, and the impact it has had on health and social care services globally, #FabChange20 will be a day of celebrating, reflecting, sharing and learning from Covid-19.

It will comprise of 2 separate activities:

  1. Sharing learning, resources, how to guides and best practice exemplars to ensure that we learn and discuss the things that didn’t work initially and the strategies employed to turn them into successes.
  2. A global virtual conference #ChangingForTheBest #NoGoingBack. The proposed themes are: Digitally Enhanced Care/Virtual services; Staff welling/support & resilience; Operational redesign; Organisational relationships; Covid workforce redesign and Absolutely Fab Stuff.

The aim of both activities is to recognise, celebrate & share the innovations & changes within each part of the health & social care system that have arisen from the pandemic.  We want teams to dig deep & share the changes, big & small, that have been made including what has and hasn’t worked.

Next steps

  • Find out if your trust has a Fab Ambassador and contact them (if not you can contact your regional Fab lead for support  HERE).
  • Join or form a group to plan how you can use #FabChange20 to share improvements in your trust.
  • Encourage the group to actively seek out the initiatives and learning of what has and hasn’t worked from the pandemic which others can learn from.
  • When you’ve identified areas of learning or innovation, document / record these (on Fab, using template, PowerPoint, video etc) in a format that can be shared in advance of #FabChange20.
  • Encourage the teams involved to consider whether they would be willing to present their work at the global virtual conference.
  • Plan how you can support teams to share the initiatives and learning within your own organisation.
  • Ask your communications team to for help in communicating and celebrating the initiatives and learning internally and externally (for example, they may want to share with local media).
  • Sign up to take part, share, learn and celebrate with others in the live global virtual conference.

In the next few weeks we will be sharing templates to make sharing your #FabChange20 fab stuff easier alongside images you can use within your workplace –Everything you need to participate all in one place!

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