You have been there - poem of thanks from Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

You have been there - poem of thanks from Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust featured image

Written by our very talented staff member, Mel Richardson

Now feels like the right time to reflect upon our organisational and personal journeys this year and take some time to think about what we have all contributed to our patients and each other. As an organisation we are humbled by the willingness, strength, adaptability and determination of all those associated with Southern Health.

You have contributed throughout the pandemic in ways we could not have imagined. From the small acts of kindness that brighten a day to being with someone at the end of their life. Everything you have done matters to someone. Throughout all of this each of us has been managing the impact of national decisions on family and freedoms too. This has been life changing for all of us and we want to thank every single one of you. We know that many of you have found the arts helpful to manage your wellbeing through this time so have used the medium of poetry to express our gratitude.

You came, you gave and our Poem of Thanks, You Have Been There, is for you. 

Watch this video of the poem, and thanks to all those who took the time to record a verse.

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