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Pledge Ensuring that a pilot Trust Staff Reading Group event occurs in the new library lounge.

This is a service enhancement responding to library members suggestions and will be delivered with Wirral Public Library Service

Why? I made my pledge because some library user feedback had identified that people would like a book club and that achieving this could have well being benefits.

It is also a further opportunity to work in partnership with Wirral Public Libraries

How? It’s is very much a work in progress. So far we have gained agreement from Wirral Public Libraries to assist by lending us multiple copies of the selected text ( our fiction collection is mostly single copies) and to assist with registration and facilitation.

We have publicised the Book Clib via trust and library promotional mechanisms and linked it to Fab Change Week

What? We have a list of people who are interested in taking part.

On 15th November (during Fab Change Week) we will be registering who want to take part, establishing dates and times that will work best for them (honestly think this will be the biggest challenge) and getting the people reading and taking part. Thank you
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