#WhyWeDoResearch Part 2 "From Local to Global" Impacts (@ClaireGibbsUK @Keeling_michael)

Following on from our February submission we were invited to submit a 'follow-up' fabstuff post http://fabnhsstuff.net/2015/02/20/whywedoresearch-from-local-to-global/ and we thought some of you might like to hear an update on the campaign.

We launched our second video on 7th April 2015 which focuses on the International perspective of the campaign and include some fantastic patient and public mini-videos explaining why they have participated in, or which to participate in research.

The campaign has been expanded to include a second National Collaborator, Kelly Young (Lead Paediatric Research Nurse, Bradford) @child_res @mrskellyyoung and our first International collaborator, Cheryl Prescott @AusNurseEd representing Australia. These collaboration roles involved expanding the campaign to more staff, patients and public and allowing even more people to have a voice.

What benefits have we seen?

*Increased awareness of research for patients and the public.

*Increased awareness of research for staff.

*Increased visibility of Clinical Research Nursing as a specialism in it's own right.

*Increased reputation for UK research having starting a global campaign

*Increased awareness of research across the globe

*Increased opportunities for staff previously not involved in research who are now aware that it is an opportunity

*Collaboration and networking through social media for everyone who has taken part in anyway in the campaign

*Connecting research nurses, midwives and AHP in jobs which have historically been quite lonely.

*The campaign has started a conversation about research with people from all areas, culturally and geographically.

*Research is every bodies business, and this campaign has broken through organisational hierarchy and involved everybody in the conversation, nurses, chief executives, ward clerks, patients, public and more.

*The campaign is helping to make research accessible to all.

*It has created a fun way to further engage with staff, patients and the public.

Dissemination of the work:

Locally: *Press releases have been conducted through the James Paget University Hospital http://www.jpaget.nhs.uk/news-media/news-events/2015/february/paget-research-campaign-goes-global/ and York Teaching Hospital. *The JPUH Magazine has an additional research spread as a result of the campaign http://www.jpaget.nhs.uk/media/276261/Making-Waves-Spring-web-2015.pdf *The Clinical Research Network: Eastern (CRN:E) communication officer has shared the hashtag through the fortnightly bulletin and has used the campaign as a showcase of good practice in the first CRN:E magazine. * The video (as previously mentioned) was edited and produced by Claire Gibbs and Michael Keeling to provide the growing number of campaign followers some background and examples of ways to get involved. *Other hospitals and companies are setting up their own #WhyWeDoResearch days including stalls for patients and the public at their hospitals.

Nationally: *We will be involved in an NIHR CRN TV video specifically focusing on the campaign (planned May 2015) *We opened the North NIHR Celebrating Research Nurses Conference with the campaign. * We have been asked to present the campaign at the National NIHR Conference in London in May and two other Conferences are in the pipeline: these conferences will include 'photo-booth' style opportunities for delegates to have their campaign photo taken and uploaded on the day as well as support in using social media. * Various NHS Trusts have engaged and supported the campaign eg. Bolton NHS Trust http://www.boltonft.nhs.uk/2015/02/why-we-do-research/ Salford http://www.salfordresearch.org.uk/news/whywedoresearch/ NIHR CRN: http://www.crn.nihr.ac.uk/news/heres-whywedoresearch/?h=39 York: http://www.crf.york.nhs.uk/news/24-dapidar-2 Blackpool: http://www.bfwh.nhs.uk/departments/comms/docsResearch.Twitter.Campaign.IK.2015webpdf.pdf
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