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Home Birth Workshop


During the 20th century home birth went from being the norm, to being a minority activity. In the 21st century we see that most women have come to accept hospital birth as the norm. However, there is evidence that home birth can be a safe and cost-effective option for women who have a low risk of complications and can deliver high levels of service-user satisfaction. In 2020, around 2.4% of births took place at home in England and Wales. However, there is huge variation nationally – in some areas the figure can be as low as 0.4%; in others it can be as high as 10%. Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have seen a steady decline in their home birth rates over the last decade and now have some of the lowest rates in England.

The aim of this workshop was to facilitate the participation of multiple stakeholders, especially maternity service users, to contribute to actions that could support the development of home birth services locally.

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