Weekly Trust Stand Up Meeting

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In October 2018 Newcastle Hospitals introduced a weekly Stand Up meeting open to operational and corporate leaders across the Trust. It has quickly become a really important part of the Trust's operating model and is attended by over 50 people each week.

Every Monday morning from 8.30-9.00 am executive directors clinical and managerial leaders from across the Trust gather together round a large visual display wall to:

- Share understanding of goals

- Coordinate efforts

- Share problems and improvements

- Build their shared identify as the senior operational leadership team of the trust.

Stand Up is led by the Trust's Chief Operating Officer, Martin Wilson, and is a fun and interactive session with around 10 people providing updates each week based on the organisation's breakthrough objectives.

Stand Up happens around a 8 metre visual display wall which is in effect a giant white board pre-printed with the trust strategy and breakthrough objectives, and updated each week (prior to and during the meeting) with latest data, feedback and updates.

There are video conference facilities for people to take part in Stand Up via their laptops and mobile phones when working from other sites within the trust or when working from home.

You can read further details of the planning and implementation of  Stand Up in action, the visual display wall, and a copy of the Trust's 'ways of working for Stand Up' document here.

For further information please email Martin Wilson [email protected] 

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