Vocational Rehabilitation - Secondary Mental Health

Fleur Whitfield, Vocational Specialist

Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

Sharing the fab #KMPT Proud: Recovery and Wellbeing College

The Recovery and Wellbeing College is a fab change for KMPT, one that we should all be proud of and celebrate!

I do not think we should underestimate the amount of effort and time it has taken to set up the pilot and comes from an awful amount of good will from our partners Adult Education; the tenacity and brilliant of our Lead, Pam Wooding; the KMPT staff involved, who are teaching at the college on top of business as usual, which is a big thanks to their service lines giving space to be involved.

Our teachers are also pooled from service users and experts by experience, which is the essential ingredient for a successful Recovery and Wellbeing College. Our college has been able to attract such a brilliant team of teaching and support staff, which KMPT should be proud to support and celebrate.

The evidence for a recovery-orientated model is overwhelming, but it’s hard to realise in clinical practice for a multitude of reasons. 

However, at the Recovery and Wellbeing college, service users become students, giving them a different environment, a space to debate and share, being with other likeminded students and just do what students do learn, develop and grow.

I am proud to be involved and thing this is a Fab Stuff moment.

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