Video-based learning gives the Care Certificate a fresh new look

The Care Certificate came into force in 2015 to replace the national minimum training standards for healthcare.  Its aim was to improve the quality and safety of care and it is a course for new starters in the healthcare sector. The plan was for the 15 Standards of the Care Certificate to be completed in the 12 weeks after a new carer starts a new job.


Existing programmes are either classroom-based, delivered by an employee's manager or supervisor, or e-learning courses which are text-based overviews, scenario setting, and questioning, relying on high levels of literacy.


Until now there has never been a course that delivers content in a way that overcomes the core challenges in the care sector; cost and time. 


That’s why we are excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the SCIE Care Certificate, our new video-based Care Certificate course brought to you in partnership with NHS backed digital health innovators, Health and Care Videos.

- A completely video based Care Certificate course that makes it so much easier to understand, regardless of literacy or language skills.


- Over 250 videos containing everything that is required for your staff to complete the Care Certificate; all in one place.


- A truly portable Care Certificate that can be accessed by carers on their phones, tablets or computers so that they can learn at a time that suits them and you, both inside and outside of work.


- Online assessment for every member of staff so there is no need for your supervisors and managers to spend time marking workbooks and answers. It’s all done automatically.


- Clear and simple reporting that you can use with the CQC to evidence the progress of your staff have made and your commitment to this programme and training.


- A comprehensive package of knowledge that can be used as a refresher tool for your existing staff to enhance and refresh their knowledge; supporting you in your plans to deliver better care.

SCIE’s online Care Certificate has been set up to make it easier for learners to understand what they need to do and what they need to know in order to be successful. There are ‘Mentor’ videos guiding them through the course programme, and ‘Knowledge’ videos providing everything that they need to know. Along the way, your carers are challenged to reflect on what they have learnt and how it applies to the workplace.


And at the end of each Standard, there is an assessment test so that they can evidence to themselves, you and the CQC that they have gained the knowledge that is required to be an effective carer under the requirements of the Care Certificate. The online element of the course has been structured so that a learner must obtain an 80% pass rate.  The manager’s role is greatly reduced as they simply need to be on hand for support and to carry out the workplace observations, which if the required standards are met, results in the full Care Certificate being awarded.  


And what’s more, with most people owning a smartphone or tablet, they can tackle the modules in short, sharp bursts, whenever or wherever is convenient for them. That may be in time set aside for learning, in a break in their shift, whilst travelling to or from work or at home.


‘There were so many videos I could watch and so much information I could absorb, so it was really easy’. Holly, a domiciliary care worker from Surrey.


‘The reason we use the online care certificate is predominantly for accessibility because it was then available to our learners anytime, any place, any device’.  Dr. Matt Halkes, Director of Education, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust


SCIE is officially launching the course in March but to register your interest and get 10% off the course fee, you can sign up here:

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