#UltimateULHT Request a thank you letter for your children

#UltimateULHT Request a thank you letter for your children featured image

At #UltimateULHT we recognised that our response to COVID 19 has been a push for all staff, including those with children as they see their parents/relatives/carers going out to work as others remain at home.

Normal everyday life has changed for children, with school, meeting up with friends and socialising all brought to a halt. This has been replaced by family members either working from home or being out of the house more often due to working longer/different working hours.

We understood that little things are the big things.

That’s why we wanted to say thank you to the children of ULHT employees. 

Colleagues now can request a personalised thank you letter and a special badge from our Chief Executive Andrew Morgan.

Feedback from staff and their children has been fabulous

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