#UltimateULHT - Nutritional Product Ward Redesign

#UltimateULHT - Nutritional Product Ward Redesign featured image

ULHT Dieticians took the opportunity when pharmacy ordering practices changed to review our current enteral/oral nutrition supplies held as stock at ward level.

Previous practice at ward was for each ward to manage their own stock levels within limited space. This resulted in regular ordering (sometimes daily for high usage wards) and the need to borrow supplies from other wards to meet the shortfall. It was found that due to ad-hoc ordering practices, we could have deficit or surplus of supplies at ward level. This has cost

implications in terms of wastage, and time as practices were inefficient and often duplicated. Most importantly this could have a direct impact on patients in need of the nutritional support.

The Process

1. Establish a minimum stock level for each ward

2. Liaise with ward sister for designated space

3. Order stock to meet minimum stock level

4. Arrange and label the area

5. Pharmacy to maintain minimum stock levels

6. To review and adjust minimum stock levels as required


1. Patients are able to consistently receive the products they require

2. Collaborative working at ward level between pharmacy, nursing and dietetics

3. Designated space for nutritional products

4. Standardised ordering practices - to reduce wastage of products and time

5. Potential cost savings due to above point 4

Thank you for all the hard work from all team members (Pharmacy, Nursing and Dietetics) involved - especially to Thando Dube, Eunice AfonsoRosa and Jessica Maylor for their significant contribution to this project. This officially launched on 1st May 2019.

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