ULHT Looking after the wider community at Christmas

ULHT Looking after the wider community at Christmas featured image
Every year more and more people rely on foodbanks to get by.

Without sufficient nutrients health suffers and people become unwell and need treatment. As a Trust we often look after patients who are referred to us, but what about the ones who aren’t referred to us that we can help.

This Christmas, and starting in Fab Change Week our Trust, United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust have come together to create over 60 Christmas food hampers for food banks.

We kick start this on the 14th November with advent calendars which we will donate for those children who don’t get one.

Then each day for a month we do a ‘reverse advent calendar’ providing an item of food in a box which we will donate on the 15th December. With a focus on fruit, vegetables, proteins nd calcium we hope this Christmas we can make a difference for the wider community.

Each ward or Department has a lead who has chosen to take responsibility for the box, on the morning of the 15th December the boxes will be brought to a designated area and our staff who have volunteered will be delivering them to the local foodbanks.

To ensure the food parcels go to the most needy we have spoken to local food banks near each of our hospitals and they communicate with other food banks to ensure the parcels are delivered to those who need them most.

This project has really created a buzz, and Christmas spirit. We hope that this will now turn into an annual event, working together to look after others.
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