Think SEPSIS: Save Lives

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Amanda Harvey and Rebecca Mclaughlin, Practice Educators at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, led a Listening into Action scheme to reduce patient harm by delivery of the Sepsis Six interventions.


Because sepsis is a dysregulated host response to infection, causing damage to cells/ tissues/ organs potentially leading to multiple organ failure and death.

It is estimated 150,000 cases per year leading to 44,000 deaths in the UK alone.

Globally, someone dies from sepsis every 3.5 seconds.

A patient with severe sepsis is up to five times more likely to die than a patient suffering an MI or a stroke. Sepsis kills more people than bowel, breast and prostate cancers combined.

Sepsis should be a medical emergency due to time critical interventions. For every hour IV antibiotics are delayed, mortality increases by approximately 8%.

The Sepsis Six is the name given to a bundle of medical therapies designed to reduce the mortality of patients with sepsis. The Sepsis Six consists of three diagnostic and three therapeutic steps – all to be delivered within one hour of the initial diagnosis of sepsis.

1. Deliver high-flow oxygen.

2. Take blood cultures.

3. Administer empiric intravenous antibiotics.

4. Measure serum lactate and send full blood count.

5. Start intravenous fluid resuscitation.

6. Commence accurate urine output measurement.

Amanda and Rebecca's scheme has seen some great outcomes.

It has introduced Band 6 practice educators, a training package for medical and nursing staff, staff and public awareness campaigns, ward champions, enhanced resources for all staff and we have appointed a new Trust Sepsis Lead.

Which has all led to :-

• Improved compliance with screening (22% - 56%)

• Improved administration of antibiotics within the hour for severe sepsis (61% - 73%)

• Number of staff trained (1,220)

If you would like to find out more about this scheme contact our Listening into Action team on [email protected] or 01524511989.
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