Theatre Services Hub at #UltimateULHT

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Aims & objectives:

To create a theatre services hub to improve and safely manage the flow of surgical equipment for the operating theatre.

1. To improve quality, performance and productivity

2. To create a safer working environment

3. To create a safer environment for patients and improve quality of care

4. To improve operational performance

5. To manage expenditure and reduce finances


1. Employee satisfaction feedback at clinical governance

2. Staff competence training

3. Create focus groups to get in depth information

4. Patient feedback forms indicated no on the day cancellations, which improved quality and services for patients

5. From the reporting process we have identified a saving of £2,400 a month

What have i done:

• I have defined the short and long term goals

• I explored the current situation and highlighted the problems

• I identified different action strategies

• I involved stakeholders

• I conducted focus groups

• I involved all members of the team throughout the process



• KPIs

• PDSA cycle


1. I was able to create a successful theatre services hub.

2. We improved patient safety

3. I improved the quality of service

4. The theatre services hub is more cost effective as a result

You can read in more detail about this project in this presentation

Next Steps:

Evaluate what’s not yet perfect for complete success.

Look into updating shelving for manual handling improvements.

Use out of date stock for training opportunities for students and staff.

Keeping staff interested and informed.

Jason Green, Senior Operating Department Practitioner, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

[email protected]

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