The Newcomb Library Wobble Room at Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Everyone needs space to have a ‘wobble’, so a wobble room is a place to escape to - to think, share worries, sit quietly, and reflect on our discombobulated feelings in these abnormal times. On offer to staff in our Wobble Room we have magazines, refreshments, comfy chairs, charging points, mindful-colouring, pet therapy and crafts.

An NHS library may not be the obvious place for a ‘wobble room’ however, the Newcomb Library sits within the Workforce Division. As well as supporting staff with traditional library and information services, we also aim to support their wellbeing and the Trust’s ‘Healthy Homerton’ initiative.

To set up the Room we re-purposed the library space, moving aside the study desks and re-locating a sofa and comfy chairs we already had, and adding a few more – creating a more welcoming, relaxing space. Additionally, we removed our display of the latest clinical books and instead added novels, memoirs and audio and cartoon books.

Expressions of staff thoughts and feelings can be shared on our notice board. We have also displayed the messages of support and pictures we’ve received from members of the public.

We have received many generous donations to the Trust, from our local community and beyond, some of which have found their way to the Wobble Room –a radio, a coffee machine, hand creams, and tasty treats including crisps, cheese, popcorn, and delicious home-baked cakes from the legendary Wanstead community bakers!

The Wobble Room is open to all Trust staff 24 hours a day, with the librarians on hand between 09:00 and 17:00.

The room is greatly appreciated:

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to (the library) team for the efforts you have consistently gone to… I know many that have

found the Library space invaluable…and have actively sought it out as a place of refuge.” Lead Nurse

This appreciation is at its height on Tuesday lunchtimes, when Paddy, an adorable spaniel (whose owner works at the Trust), visits for cuddles and staff pet-therapy time. Paddy has visited for the last 4 weeks and now Olive, an equally adorable cockapoo has taken over.

Covid-19 has released a wave of creativity, and we are embracing this in the Wobble Room. 

Inspired by a poem written by a Homerton nurse, we are running a creativity challenge. This was quickly taken up: the 2nd entry being from a group of pharmacists who created an exuberant and eye-catching collage over the course of their lunchtime. Entries for the challenge are flooding in – poems, collages, photography paintings and more. We are hugely impressed by the out-pouring of creativity from across the Trust.

Covid-19 has seen many staff taking on roles they never thought they would – and we are glad we can contribute in our own way. 

We’ve enjoyed meeting new people and making their days easier.  

We look forward to safer times when our library is more of a library, but we hope to continue providing quiet relaxation space as part of our wider service.

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