The importance of music as a care aid

Ignar’s Music as a Care Tool Guides

Music is so important for many people living with dementia, and on this page you can find numerous examples of using music to enhance the care and life of people with dementia. 

It really is well worth exploring and incorporating it as a Care tool within your practice area and you can find a whole range of information, top tips and playlists all together on this special page


Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has introduced an exciting and innovative new initiative to its hospitals in order to improve patient experience ICU-Hear is an initiative which offers live music to critically ill patients on the intensive care unit in hospital, provided by a charity group called Music in Hospitals and Care. The aim of this initiative is to provide a soothing, relaxing, calming and even uplifting atmosphere for patients who are critically ill in hospital. The music aims to make the critical care unit less clinical and provide a calming ambience for patients.

The FAM (Football and Music) project is targeted at young BAME males using mental health services in Islington, North London. It promotes both physical and mental health through weekly football practice led by trained Arsenal FC coaches, followed by music sessions led by professional musicians and producers in fully-equipped rehearsal and recording studios.The participants have recently written and produced a team song to promote the project and reflect their footballing experiences and aspirations

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