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Tailored Talks allows health and social care professionals and people working in third sector organisations to provide information which is tailored to each individual patient’s needs. This information can be shared on screen during face-to-face meetings/consultations, on paper (for people without access to digital technology or who are not keen to use it), and also remotely by emailed pdf or via weblinks so that patients and their carers can access the information on their mobile devices, PCs or laptop computers. 

Recipients then have the opportunity to share this tailored/personalised information with other people (e.g. family members or carers) wherever they are in the world. Unlike traditional paper-based patient information leaflets the content is readily updated to ensure it is current, relevant and accurate. It can also link, via embedded URLs to other web-based information including videos, e-learning, e-applications and services to facilitate signposting, as well as including videos on individual slides.

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, NHS Lothian and Pogo Studio have worked in partnership to bring phase two of Tailored Talks to life – 

Tailored Talks for stroke, neurology and long covid. Building on the success of phase one which was used in intensive care units, Pogo Studio delivered the new version of Tailored Talks, which is now in use by stroke and neurology clinicians throughout Scotland.  An accompanying application MyTailoredTalks is currently being piloted in NHS Lothian to support patients suffering from long covid. 

The application allows for doctors and nurses from both NHS Lothian and CHSS to access stroke, neurology and long covid related slides and build up bespoke and relevant presentations for their patients. These slides were produced by numerous clinicians and specialist from NHS Scotland and CHSS, including stroke physicians, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and physiotherapists, to name a few.

Tailored Talks for stroke and neurology is now live across NHS Scotland, and MyTailoredTalks for long covid is being piloted in NHS Lothian.

The Tailored Talks platform has the following features:

Content creators

• Add new HTML slides to the content library

• Give the slides tags, subtags and a description so that they can easily be filtered

Add videos and  links to individual slides, to give supplementary information

Presentation creators:

• Create a Tailored Talk from a blank template

• Click on tags and subtags to filter through the library of slides

Use a search bar to find individual slides

• Drag and drop the relevant slides into their Tailored Talk

• Email the bespoke talk to a patient, and the patient’s family if required

• Save the Tailored Talk for others to use as a template

• Use another presentation creator’s Tailored Talk as a template for their own talk


• Download the talk as a PDF, to be printed and taken home as a physical document

• View the Tailored Talk on the platform

We have prepared a video to demonstrate Tailored Talks:

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  • Acute > Clinical Support
  • Acute > Clinical Support > Digital inclusion
  • Acute > Clinical Support > Digital technology
  • Acute > Medicine
  • Acute > Medicine > Digital inclusion
  • Acute > Medicine > Digital technology
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  • Acute > Patient Safety
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