Swindon DISA

The idea: How it came about Sharon is an assistant care manager working directly with customers when they telephone for support. She recognised that there was a wide market of services available to help people from large domiciliary providers to small voluntary agencies. Over a number of years, she collated this information in five lever arch files.

The challenge: Who’s it for? Why would they be interested? The information in the files was a useful resource but it wasn’t easily accessible to our colleagues and it was time intensive to keep up to date. Sharon also recognised that many relatives live outside of Swindon and spend a lot of time on the telephone and web trying to find services for their families living in Swindon.

The goal: What are they each trying to achieve Sharon wanted to develop a resource that was easily accessible both within and outside Swindon that was easy to maintain and update. This resource would support her colleagues but would also support the general public and all the agencies included in the resource.

The solution What will make this difference for them Sharon worked with a colleague Martina Miles, who shared her passion for making this information more accessible and together they developed DISA – a free directory of services on the web. Agencies included within the directory can maintain and update their information themselves, reducing demand on Sharon and her colleague’s time, enabling them to work more efficiently. DISA is maintained by the SEQOL web team and as part of our SEQOL volunteer scheme we have recruited a volunteer (a young adult with Asperger’s) to support the on-going maintenance of the information, so it is always up-to-date.

The difference: What we’ve achieved We have achieved our goal and have a resource on the web that is simple and easy to use. Analytics show that the service is well used and we have received positive feedback. The difference between DISA and most other directories is that it is a free resource with no joining fee or annual registration fee.

DISA is part of our social value contribution to Swindon and it also reduces demand on our social care team and contributes to improved efficiencies.  www.swindondisa.co.uk
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February 26th, 2015
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