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Registered nurse Sue-Ellen White wants to promote team spirit in the workplace.

With that goal in mind, Sue-Ellen recently made a pledge for Saskatchewan’s first Change Day, which was held on Nov. 6, 2014. Her pledge was “to promote team work and to encourage everyone to treat each other equally and with respect.”

Sue-Ellen, who works at Saskatoon City Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, is now putting her pledge into action. With her friend Marie Orr-Gosselin, a licensed practical nurse at Parkridge Centre in Saskatoon, she is working on a grassroots initiative to foster a sense of team spirit among health care employees. Sue-Ellen and Marie are selling brightly coloured T-shirts that are emblazoned with the words “We work as a TEAM.” The logo on the T-shirt lists various health care jobs, and each job is depicted as an equal piece of the pie.

Sue-Ellen and Marie want “to bring people together” and “show respect to one another.”

“We enjoy our jobs and all the people we work with. We want to help increase morale between staff,” they said in a statement that they wrote to explain their initiative.

“To us it doesn’t matter your education level, your pay grade, the letters behind your name, or what you bring to the team. We work together. We work as a team to get the job done.

“No one can do their job without the person beside them. Each person is an individual and important in our day-to-day work. Patients are the reason we strive to do our best, but it’s the people beside us that get us to our best.”

Sue-Ellen and Marie say they created the T-shirts and the logo “to help show what we are working for – a positive atmosphere.” They hope their idea spreads throughout Saskatchewan, and they emphasize that everyone is welcome to wear a T-shirt and join their campaign.

To find out more about Saskatchewan Change Day, visit or follow Saskatchewan Change Day on Twitter (@SKChangeDay).
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