Challenge Top Down Change

Challenge Top Down Change is an experimental crowdsourcing project that aims to develop models, methods and skills for a new era. Challenge Top Down Change is looking to capture the wisdom of the crowd to enable us to improve how we make change.

Crowdsourcing is the process of collecting ideas, services, funding or content by asking for contributions from large groups of people.

For nine weeks, running from 9 January to 13 March 2015 Challenge Top Down Change will seek to engage people from across health and care to answer the following questions:

1. How does your workplace help you to make positive change? 2. What could your workplace do to overcome barriers to change? 3. How do we reinvent the way the NHS goes about change, so there is less focus on top down change?

The project is run by NHS IQ in conjunction with the HSJ, Nursing Times and crowdsourcing platform specialists: Clever Together. It aims to use crowdsourcing, to engage wider audiences and to harvest ideas and insight from health and care communities on how we can challenge the culture of top down (senior management driven) change.

A series of blogs and articles on the subject of top down and bottom up change will be published in conjunction with HSJ and Nursing Times. These blogs and articles will encourage conversation, share learning from others’ experiences and draw conclusions from lessons learned.

Challenge Top Down Change will use crowdsourcing to collect the opinions and experience of those who engage with health and care. The project will culminate with this shared intelligence being collated into a practical interactive guide to help NHS organisations deliver “bottom-up” change.


How can you get involved?

Challenge Top Down Change are asking you to have your say and take part in this ground-breaking campaign.

You can sign-up to the crowdsourcing platform from 12 January at and become an active member of the community.

This platform is your chance to have a say and to share how you think the NHS can do change better. You don’t have to be part of the NHS to take part; Challenge Top Down Change want to source ideas from the whole crowd.

As a member of the crowd-community you can comment on the HSJ and Nursing Times articles, debate the issues raised and learn from the experiences of our story-tellers. Your comments and opinions will be captured by Challenge Top Down Change, the ideas that emerge will be filtered and refined by your votes, and then the final captured ideas will be collected in the practical resource. All of the intelligence will come from you. Your expertise is essential to this debate.

For more information on the project and to read the articles visit the HSJ website. To register to take part visit You can also follow the campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #ChallengeChange.
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