Speed dating.....#UltimateULHT Finance Team style

Fab share from finance.

The finance team at ULHT found staff aren’t sure who in the department to direct their finance questions to, who to ask for help regarding a particular area or understand the individual roles. 

To help staff understand roles, responsibilities and increase their knowledge the finance team have implemented 2 new ideas.

1. Firstly they set up their own twitter account to share information and give prompts of deadlines. They posted a picture of their whole team which in itself was useful as staff didn’t realise how many staff were in the finance dept.

2. They ran very successful speed workshops. These consisted of 15 min sessions then onto the next - some of the sessions covered were: charitable funds, overseas income, PbR income, contracting, performance, procurement, payments, HOLT, budgets & FEP, business cases, capital SLR. The sessions were evaluated really well. Some of the comments were: excellent, very informative, so useful, very clearly explained, so informed, really well explained.

The initial speed workshop was piloted on Lincoln site but was so well received has now taken place in Boston and Grantham.

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