Southern Health launches new podcasts to raise awareness of maternal mental health

Southern Health launches new podcasts to raise awareness of maternal mental health featured image

To help raise awareness of Maternal Mental Health, Clinical Psychologists @Southern_NHSFT Trust have launched a series of daily bite sized podcasts called ‘Conversations with Perinatal Psychology’. The podcasts are informative, open and honest conversations with Clinical Psychologists, Midwives, Nursery Nurses and Mum’s with lived experience of trauma before, during and after birth.

The new series which is hosted on SHP (Southern Health Podcast) covers all types of issues including what is maternal mental health, the stigmas that exist for families who have experienced trauma, information for health care professionals and how we can work together to help raise awareness of maternal mental health issues to help break the stigma that many families face today.

Around one in five women develop a mental health problem during pregnancy or within the early years after having a baby. Research shows that the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the mental health risks that new and expectant mums face. If untreated, maternal mental health problems can have a devastating impact on the women affected and their families.

The podcasts are available now on YouTube, please click on the links below to listen.

• Episode 1: What is Maternal Mental Health?

Listen here:

• Episode 2: Smashing the Stigma

Listen here:

• Episode 3: The Importance of Connection

Listen here:

• Episode 4: Healthcare Professional’s information Hub

Listen here:

• Episode 5: The Power of Positivity

Listen Here:


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